Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sugar High

9 weeks! From Halloween to New Years Eve it's 9 weeks. And in those 9 weeks there's 4 holidays, 4 birthdays, 3 parties, a few get-togethers, about 2 dozen  paper plates all filled with SUGAR!!!

Our bodies are all whacked out. Ducati can bleed sugar now. She can probably name 5 different candies before she can name 3 different fruits.
A few of us gained a few pounds ( I won't say who is was....but let's just say we plan on walking everyday after school drop offs). A few of us get withdraws if not enough sugar is eaten in a day ( I won't name the boys on this one). Either way we need to get back on track with our healthier eating.

Being a homemaker on a budget I made alot of food from scratch. Pizza dough, homemade breads, our own pasta sauces. etc. With having 2 gluten free people in the house and 5 picky eaters the only way to get nutritious foods in their bellies is by hiding it. Like Ducati's juice popsicle above.  Everyone in this house gets so excited when they see dixie cups all lined up on the counter. Whole or soy milk, a splash of honey, and some juice and VIOLA! A naturally sweetened popsicle.

So this month it's my goal to get us as a family back on track with a much healthier eating lifestyle. On occasion this mom will make her "Family Favorite Carrot Cake" but it will be a once-a-month thing instead of 4 times a week.

So I welcome the challenge of headaches, mid-day sugar craves, and the constant snack grazing because I will be prepared with fruit salad, carrots with homemade ranch dressing, and tons & tons & tons of popsicles. (Gotta' love a 50 degree winters)
Bon Appetit!
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