Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Year

I am now 28! I don't feel 28. But I guess that's what 4 kids can do to you. You never have to grow up when you have little kids in the house.

With my birthday being on a Sunday Mike took the entire weekend off. This was really great! I've missed him that I was really excited to have him home for 5 days! Best gift ever!

But he didn't stop there. He planned a Twilight Date for us on Friday.
We were going to go donate blood at the stake blood drive but when we got there the wait was over 90 minutes so.......we skipped it. (We'll donate another time) So we headed to the theater to see my favorite movie-BREAKING DAWN!
I know we've seen it already. But let me be honest- I can never see Twilight too many times. So this was great. But we were alittle early we grabbed a cold treat. A GF Strawberry Cheesecake Sundae from Coldstone. I love it when restaurants have a GF list. I really enjoyed my night.

But my birthday gift wasn't over yet! When Mason and Hailey came back home on Saturday we all went out for dinner at Winger's. As you an see Cati was really happy to be eating at a place that offers a gluten free menu.

My kids were so cute. They kept singing me ♪Happy Birthday to Mommy♪
And my clever husband hid in his jacket my gift, Zumba 2 for our Wii!
I'm really excited to play this!

But again my birthday wasn't over....when we got home Mike had all our kids help him clean and vacuum our house. Wow- I really enjoyed sitting on the couch and just watching this amazing site.

In the evening we watched a few Redbox movies. And I fell asleep on the couch watching Mike shake his Zumba bum. He's actually really good at it!

Sunday- we tried to keep it holy. So we still went to church. I was finally set apart in my new calling of a member of the Relief Society Mid-Week activity board. That's a mouthful but still really fun to get to know more ladies in our ward. When we came home my parents came over for a few minutes to give me a cake and a new sewing machine. I am such a nerd! I am really excite to get sewing again. My last one broke a couple of months ago and it's been really hard to not sew all those wonderful things that I've seen on Pinterest.

Anyways Mike was hometeaching while my parents were here. So I was trying to wait for cake until he returned since I knew he wouldn't be very long. But they needed to run so as they left he was able to wave to them as he walked in. Anyways  Mike and our kids sang to me and just stared at the cake as you can see on Hailey's face below.
My Hubby and Cati had themselves a gluten free muffin with chocolate frosting. So she didn't mind not having a piece of my cake.
So being 1 year older what does it mean to me? I know it will bring me many new things. I will be more wiser in my life choices. I know I will grow stronger in many areas in my life. I know I will see things more clearly. I know I will learn alot more about myself and those that are in my life. I know that my house will be diaper free by the time my next birthday comes along. I know that I will my husband  more than ever before. I know that I will love myself's just going to be a great year. So Happy Birthday to me!
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