Friday, January 13, 2012

Home Make Over

I am a creature of habit. However I do like change. I do like to change things up alittle especially in our home. Being in a small twin home with 6 people- things have to be kept clean, simple and decluttered. If not- this mom will go crazy which leads to some home changes.

So after all holidays and birthdays Mike and I have found our house overflowing with.....things.....EVERYWHERE!

And this started me on search for some ideas on how to declutter, reorganize, and decorate all on a budget.

My first project was the kids bathroom.

The kids/guest bathroom is somewhat on the smaller side. But with 4 kids it needed to work. So it may not be fancy but it was all FREE! ( all reused and recycled items)
Towel rack up top that my hubby installed for me today. It use to be Cati's crib siding that he cut to fit above the storage box.....which was part of a headboard that we no longer needed.

Hotdog tray is filled with headbands, plastic pickle jar (washed of course) filled with hair ties, and a Crystal Light container filled with Q-tips. Each storage compartment is labeled. Cati has her shelf with all her gluten free soaps and lotions. Mason has his shelf with all his boy scented soaps. That kid....he's so funny! He'll use the Strawberry Dora shampoo and doesn't even mind it that he smells like a berry. So I made it a point to add his boy items in there so he doesn't grab one of his sisters items. And the middle shelf- Hailey and Lily are sharing- it has all their gluten, girly, fruity scented soaps and lotions.

I am really excited about this new set up. Tonight's bath time it was really easy. I was able to grab Cati's items, wash, and return. Then grab Lily's items without mixing them up.

Later when I find some paint I'll paint the rack and storage box but for right will due.

So now onto another room in our house.
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