Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King Jr.

On the morning of Martin Luther King Jr.'s holiday I asked my kids if they knew why they had the day off of school.

The answers I received were:
Christmas Break. Spring Break. My teacher needs a break. 

The last one might be true. So I ask Mason and Hailey if they knew who Martin Luther King Jr. was? They thought he was either one of daddy's friends or someone from the Bible. So this gave me the idea of a great FHE.

I researched so many articles, new clippings, speeches and finally just settled on YouTube.
Mike and I found some videos that helped us really paint the picture of loving thy enemy and standing firm to your beliefs even when fears stands right in front of you.

We had our opening prayer, skipped the song since we were eating dinner during FHE. (late start) Anyways I showed our kids the video of Rosa Parks. Mike explained that during this era people were not treated equally. That people who had darker skin where treated very badly.

I asked if skin color matters to God? Hailey said that some people have light colored skin and some people have dark colored skin but we're all child's of God. Mason added that we all have red blood, a heart, a brain so we're all the same we just have a few things different about us. I was really happy that they knew this.

Back to videos. We showed how Rosa Parks said No to being moved to the back of the bus. That even though she might of been scared or nervous she knew that it's wasn't right on how she was being treated. The kids just sat there and watched the video like sponges.

Next was a video about Irene Sendler. A nurse during the Holocaust who knew it was wrong on what was happening to the Jews so she stood firm to her belief and helped rescue dozens of children and helped hide them. 

Then a video of Gandhi and his march to the sea. The video showed the army coming to arrest Gandhi and his protest followers and they were being hit and pushed by the army. And one protester said to another to do not hit back. Non-violence only. That was powerful to Mason. I could see the wheels in his head turning. 

Mike asked our kids if they could think of a story that showed a person who stood firm to their beliefs. Hailey talked about Moses and how he asked the Pharaoh to set his people free. And how he kept trying and trying to help all those people. 

Mike talked about Joseph Smith and all the cruel treatment he received and how he stood firm to his beliefs and testimony. 

Mason talked about Jesus and when he was being crucified. How Jesus still loves all those army guys even though they helped kill Jesus. 

I was so happy that they were able to share their examples. 

Lily and Cati didn't add much to FHE. They just sort of giggled and wiggled during it. It may not have been a picture perfect FHE but at least we had one.

Anyways I ended with showing the video of "I have a Dream" and explained that since Jesus walked the earth that all these people we've talked about and even more all had the same dream. That we were to be treated equally and with love, respect, and kindness.

The kids seemed to really understand who Martin Luther King Jr. was and what he did for this country. 

After the last YouTube video Mike picked up the movie, "The Help", to help demonstrate how people where not treated fairly and why MLK fought to help people. 

It was a wonderful FHE. Like I said before I really love it when ideas for family home evening just fall into our laps.
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