Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Already

In 2011 our family had alot of experiences. Most really blog worthy and some.....I would just rather forget. But either way it was all in all 1 great year. So now to start off this new year with a BANG!

Mike and I stood up until 12:01am. Had our New Years Kiss then I went to bed. Yup- I am getting old :-(
Well...actually my energy levels are all wacked out due to staying up really late during our birthday season.

But Mike and I did overlook our 2011 resolutions to see how we did...
Mike- have an overnighter with Angie       √ check
          build a custom engine                      incomplete
          go to temple 26 times                     incomplete by only a few
           1-on-1 time with each kid             √ check

his 2012 Resolutions
THE SAME THING! Easy enough :-)

My 2011 Resolutions-
take more photos of my family                √ check
read 1 month a month                             √ check
plan an overnight trip with Mike              √ check
geology                                                  X incomplete

So this years Resolutions
record my family's insights on activities
read 48 books
have $1,000 in savings
stick to my calendar!

My calendar....This will be my little Mommy helper in the year 2012. I am a scatter brain. I forget so many things that my life consists of post it notes which I later lose. I have good intentions of completely dozens of ideas and dates....but then I forget them.

So this calendar is going to be run my life. I wrote which days I will have individual kid dates, Mike dates, Me time, Visiting teaching ideas crafts that I want to make but forget until an hour before my appointment. I holds the gift cards for dates, household duties like changing the air filter or changing the batteries in our smoke detector. So far so good... I know it's only the 3rd....but the fact that I even filled it out 3 months ahead is an accomplishment all in itself. 2012 will be the most fun, fulfilling and cheapest  year we've ever had. It's going to be wonderful ♥

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