Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting the test

After much thinking and praying we're getting Cati tested for her Celiac. I'm sure that she has it but the reason for the test is because of what I've read while doing some research.

There's 2 types of Celiac. The one where you can't eat gluten. But the one I feel that Ducati has is called DH Celiac.
According to this website DH means Dermatitis Herpetiformis. It's a type of Celiac that effects the skin. It causes intense itching, a burning sensation, and forms clusters of small blisters that cause the person to itch their effected spot until it's raw and bleeding.
And it's sad to report but that's exactly what Cati does. 
She'll wake up scratching herself until she bleeds and still needing to scratch some more. So we've done everything we could to keep her gluten free. And for the most part she's pretty good. But with visiting friends, playdates babysitters, and church she's gotten another outbreak. 
So she's on house arrest until it heals. But I called a local family doctor for an appointment for tomorrow. I'm sure that he'll want to rule out some other things before she's diagnosed with Celiac. So we've expected a few co-pays and several more sleepless nights. But if he's able to give her this cream that helps soothe that itching feeling then it's all worth it. 

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