Saturday, July 31, 2010

Laugh Out Loud

 Mike and I went on a fantastic date. Lately we have been trying to get more dates in for each month. Having so many responsibilities they can put a wedge in our "couple-ness". But it's our goal to find time for us to be together no matter what else is happening. So on this Saturday our wonderful friend,Melisa, tended to Lily and Ducati so we could go to WiseGuys in Trolley Square.
When Mike and I first were dating we would go here and enjoy the jokes that were being made of 'old' people. But now this time we realized we ARE the old people that the jokes are made from. But it's a great skill to have when you can laugh at yourself.
Since we arrived early (we were to excited that we dropped the kids off early) we roamed around Trolley Square. We found an amazing shoppe that we should not have gone into but our taste buds forced us to. A truffle/chocolate shoppe.
We ate 2 truffles before I could pull out my camera to take a yummy photo.
Then we did some window shopping. But then it was time for our show to start. We found some seats, ordered the Famous Poundcake, and started to work out stomach muscles due to all the laughing we did. It's a great night when you laugh so hard you begin to cry.
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