Tuesday, July 20, 2010

98 degrees

This day and most days after when the weather is in the 90's the best way to cool down is playing in nice cool water. Usually we have water fights in our yard or play in the sprinklers but today we decided to change it up. First we went to Disney Days water party at downtown Gallivan Center. (my camera was broken so I had to use Hailey's camera today)

At Disney days there was guarantee games that kids won water guns. That Mike later used.
Watch out-he's armed!!
Also there was dance contest that Hailey chickened out of doing.
Free ice cream (yum) but there were more things to do but all the kids and I wanted to do was play in the water that the fire dept sprayed in the crowd that is where we spent most of our time.
I have no idea what I am pointing to...but Ducati and I enjoyed the water. While we played Mike came up with a great idea...to continue our day at Willard Bay. So we said Good-Bye to Disney Days and headed home to get ready. Next Post.................
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