Saturday, July 10, 2010

Willard Bay

Shame on us! Mike has lived here all his life and I have lived in Utah for 13 years and we both never heard of Willard Bay. But now that we have been....we plan to go again (very soon)
 Everyone had so much fun.... Lily was very hesitatant at first entering the water but after Daddy helped her she felt much better
Hailey was fearless....she splashed, swam (fake swam since she doesn't know how to swim), and made sand mud. But she was so excited to be cooling down from these hot temps in some cool water.

Mason- he was everywhere!....playing in the sand, going for a ride on Mike's surf board, and splashing around like a fish out of water

Ducati on the other hand was skiddish at first. Here's her "What-the-heck-did-you-put-me-in?" face.

After a few minutes......
Then towards the end of the day....

It was a great day. We ate lunch at the Bay. Yeah for lunchables! Then we played some more. 
Here's some random pics of everyone during the 5 hours we were there...

HA! After 3 tries I just settled on this photo. Better luck next time.
Angie (me) with Ducati.
Mike and his surf board. He insisted on bringing it to get some practice in so next year when we go to CA he will have some water time in. But he found out that surfing is alot harder than it looks.
Lily was on food patrol. She guarded the coolers and if anyone asked for a snack or water she would open it up and give you something. Sometimes she was right and sometimes she was wrong. Lily didn't you got what you got.

Lily on break time from food patrol.

Willard Bay really made Mike and I miss California. (we can't wait until next year) But this place was pretty awesome. Everyone left with smiles and 12 thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!

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