Tuesday, July 20, 2010

98 degrees cont'

We all enjoyed ourselves more this time around since Lily actually enjoyed being in the water. Yeah!!! We think Lily wants to be a surfer girl. Mike couldn't be happier.
She is so fearless. I sometimes hate this quality but I am sure glad she has it.
Lily surfing solo but Mike a few inches from her.

Mason doing ?@#? I have no clue. But it must of been very cool.
Ducati enjoying herself. See her 2 bottom teeth. So cute when she smiles it makes my heart melt.

After playing for a while we sat and ate dinner. After eating we feed the seagulls and Lily loved it. She is really into birds right now. She gave up the elephant love and switched to bird fondness. She she would throw a cracker and tons of birds would flock to it. She wasn't even scared. Brave girl. But the main thing we remember about our meal at the Bay was the birds laughing. You know that weird squawk laugh. I can't explain it but when the birds laughed we would laugh and that lead the birds to laugh some more. It was an endless circle of giggles.

Ha- Mike found these flippers. Does the same rule apply to adults-finders keepers?

Great idea babe! We had such a great time that we all slept good that night and into late the next morning.

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