Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Mike and I are getting into the routine from changing our weekly family movie night into the actual Family Home Evening. We've only done it a few times but so far so great.... but this week was my turn to plan the lesson so I picked Temple Square....and here's why
When I asked Mason and Hailey- "Who is Joseph Smith?" Answer from Hailey: he's a man. Answer from Mason: Joseph Smith is a very important man because his name is Joseph Smith. Cute I know....but that gave us a clue on what we need to teach our kids.
So we walked around Temple Square and talked about the temple and the wonderful meaning, we seen a great family movie that Mason really liked, we checked out the paintings, seen the ground keepers putting up the Christmas lights, talked about Joseph Smith and his first visit, etc.But something Mike and I wanted to experience was the the tabernacle building. I forgot the name of it....but where the big organ is....anyways we heard that if you ask the missionaries there to drop a pin from the podium they will. So the sister missionary spoke to us with no microphone, riped a piece of paper wish was really loud even from the back of the building and dropped 3 pins. And we heard each one of them. We thought that was cool.
There was so much to see and do that we are planning another trip to cover what we missed.
Here's a kitty pic... Take Two: The kids had fun learning about the "most important knowledge they will ever gain" says Mike.
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