Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today is Mike's 28th birthday so here's his top 28 favorite birthday moments.....

1. the 28 kisses I gave himthis morning when I woke him up
2. the pinch to grow an inch that soon followed
3. how the kids came jumping into our bed to wish him Happy Birthday
4. we all sang "Happy Birthday" like 5 times before breakfast was even made
5. we had mike's favorite breakfast....cereal
6. we went to church and had a great chat with some members we never met before
7. Hailey's gave him a great gift.... a Magic kit

8. the wonderful wrapping job she did all by herself

9. Mason giving Mike a metal link Brain Bogger

10. It only taking Mike about 15 minutes to solve the bogger
11. the homemade cards Mason and Hailey made him full of color, pictures and glitter
12. the shirt we all made him...

(the back. each kid made a special picture for him. Mason drew mike and him playing with a puppy. Hailey drew a bird house. Lily drew some lines. And I had to improvise for Ducati)

(the front)
13. Lily and Ducati giving daddy a new MP3 player....he breaks them alot due to work14. getting huge hugs from his little ladies
15. Wakiki Meatballs :-) Mike favorite dish16. Cheesecake...instead of cake Mike wanted a New York style cheesecake 17. we watched Mike make his special birthday wish

18. we only asked for alittle of his cheesecake... he was able to keep most of it himself 19. we rented some RedBox movies

20. he chillaxed on the couch all day

21. he got to play some jokes on Lily22. our home teachers love Mike was the first day they ever visited....what a coincidence.

23. he didn't even touch 1 dirty diaper today. What a blessing!
24. he loves to see his kids smile at him

25. he loves to cuddle his best girl
26. going to bed early. I think we were in bed by 9pm
27. getting some calls and texts to wish him Happy Birthday
28. making it a special but low key birthday....exactly what he wanted
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