Thursday, November 19, 2009


Mason got his first badge tonight. There was a small ceremony that we unfortunately missed the first 15 minutes of due to a missed email....but what can you do?
The troop took pictures, sang some boys scout songs, gave out awards...then after all the formal stuff was finished-it was time for some FUN!!The leaders helped the kids make marshmallow shooters from PVC pipes. It was pretty cool. Imagine like 50 boys running around, marshmallows shooting by your head, kids screaming cuz they got was absolute chaos.
The girls and I found a seat by the wall. Hailey and Lily just ate their marshmallows while I kept an eye on Mason. It was pretty cool so see how my boy acts with other boys. He goes nuts....I guess Boys will be Boys. But we're proud of him....Thank you everyone who brought popcorn to help get him to his first badge.

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