Friday, February 19, 2016

Swimming Pool

For Mike's date with Cati he went swimming with her. I found a coupon in Hometown Value. It's a local magazine that comes in the mail once a month has tons of coupons for the business around us. And this issue had a coupon for Buy 1 adult pass and get 1 kid pass free at our local pool. So this seemed perfect for these too.

They went swimming and had so much fun. Mike "encouraged" Cati with to face her fear of water slides with the promise of a frosty. So of course she went down it since it invloved ice cream. Soon afterwards that's all she wanted to do. When they came home she talked about touching the bottom of the pool with her tippy toes, the water slide, dogging paddling with Dad's help, and the yummy vanilla frosty.

I love how she smiles with her "fake" smile and then the REAL toothless smile. Real smiles are way better to remember than those fake cheese smiles.

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