Saturday, February 20, 2016

Dino Date

For Lily and Mike's date they went to the Ogden Dinosaur Park. Lily can be the one who wants to repeat the same date over and over again so trying something new can be..... Difficult. But just the fact that Mike will be alone her she gave it a go.
Plus this cheap momma found a deal on KSL Deals plus an extra 5% saving with an additional coupon code so it was so cheap that this deal couldn't get passed. To make it more special Mike picked up a pizza from 7-11 (since it was free with a rebate app) and brought it along for a picnic.
 (I know we're so cheap but why pay full price when we don't need to)

Anyways Mike and Lily had so much fun that they were gone for about 4 hours!
This park could be done from start to finish in about an hour so to do it in 4 hours means they had tons of fun!

I would periodically get a text message with one of these photos attached. It was so cute seeing them play around with these dinos. 


I'm so happy they had themselves a great time. These two goofballs could have fun in a cardboard box... I've seen it so I know this. But Mike told me that while they were there they learned so much about dinosaurs. They explored the sand digging area where Lily found 43 gem rocks. They played a scavenger hunt. And just played on everything. Yeah for Daddy Dates!

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