Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentines Day

Mike loves Angie!

Angie loves Mike!
And that's all......  HAHA!!
(his crazy eyes crack me up)

Since Mike knows me so well he knows I'm not a fan of flowers or overpriced candy. He knows that he'll hear an ear full if he ever gave me something full priced. So for gift giving he's had to learn to think outside the box. Like this year.... 
 He got me her. This little bunny.

 I named her Merida. She was really shy, timid, and scared to be around us. She would venture out 1 or 2 steps then run back to her hiding spot. She kept doing this for a few days. She never stopped since her curiosity was peaked when we bribed her with apple juice.

Now she's always around us. She loves to play with our kids. Lily likes to have her ride Angus pony. Get it Merida is riding Angus!! LOL!

Anyways I really love this little bunny. She's so cuddly. And the way she hops when she's happy is so cute. She twist in the air with her back legs higher in the air. It's adorable! She kisses everyone. Either cuz she loves us or we have crumbles on our face. Either way is fine with us. 

PS For Mike this year I gave him the gift he could use all year long. 6 pairs of sunglasses. He loves sunglasses. He keeps them in the car, at work, in his coat pockets, etc. So now instead of carrying them around he can just grab the pair he's left at the designated point. He really loved them all! I loved that I got them on major sale since Target had them on clearance and here was an extra coupon code so I think I paid $15 for all of them.