Monday, February 8, 2016


Some days homeschooling is paperwork, sharpening pencils, taking test, etc. And some days I just can't take it. I know....I can't take it. It's the conveyor belt mind set that I want to be gone.

Anyways my intention was to work on math. But then things change and things went on to the course of volcanoes!!
We learned about the "Ring of Fire" (gotta say it in Bloat's voice from Finding Nemo)
We learned about how eruption occur, signs of an eruptions, watched a few YouTube videos (my kids are more visual learners) then made our volcano!!!! Thank you Pinterest for making this easier than I thought! 

My babe scientists! Safety First!

After all was said and done and they had some free learning time Cati colored me a volcano,

 Mason made one with legos, Hailey read a book about it , and Lily watched some YouTube videos of lava melting stuff. She was so happy watching iPhones, coke cans, soup cans, etc get eatten up from the lava. She thought is was funny; I thought it was dumb to be that close to hot melting lava. Duh people!! But overall I think we had a great homeschooling day :)