Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Thanks to Little Passports this month we are learning about India!! 
All things exotic, bright, and HOT!! 

We've done a lot these past weeks!

*Ordered take out from Taste of India. I especially ordered to mild so we could give it a try without burning our tongues off. But we could still feel the kick! Afterwards we gave a family vote the pakoras (vegetable patty), tandoori chicken (chicken cooked in a clay oven so it comes out red), and the naan (flatbread) are good. The kheer (ride pudding) no body liked. The mango ice cream and gulab jaman (dumbling dipped in rose syrup) were DELICIOUS! So if we ate Indian food again our kids agreed that so long they got the gulab jaman they would eat anything.

*we learned about the Taj Mahal.

*colored our own mandala

*learned about a few gods. Honestly I skipped this part since 1st there was too many and 2nd I didn't want to confuse my kids that there's Heavenly Father who is a person and not an elephant.

*we listened to hindi primary songs. and by request we listened to hindi Frozen songs. It was fun to watch our girls not miss one single dance move while they listened to, "Let it Go".

* we watched a few documentaries

*learned about the flag


*made some mango lassi (smoothie)

*did some yoga :)

*and I can't really remember what else we learned about. It's been a few weeks now so I'm sure there's more.
But we finished off our study lesson by celebrating at home The Festival of Colors!!

It's a celebration welcoming spring and "dusting" off winter blues. So I ordered holi powder from Amazon and everyone grabbed some clothes they could throw away since this stuff stains (it says it doesn't stain but it always does in our case)
Anyways yesterday was the perfect day to welcome in spring. So while doing the research it's said that the more colored you are the more blessed you'll be. But you can't color yourself. It's considered greed. So you bless others and they bless you. So my kids loved this idea.

Yes, everyone was too excited that they didn't wait for Mason to find his other shoe so he only wore 1.
Soon their chalk activity turned into a chasing activity. Oh well.... I'll just add P.E. too the lesson ;)

 Lily's caught being greedy!!

 Since my phone is old and lame I had to completely saturate these photos in Picasa so the chalk can be seen against the sunshine. I don't care if my lawn doesn't look real. I wanted to catch my kids throwing blessings to eachother.

After they were done they took showers immediately and like I said before threw their clothes away. They have absolutely loved learning about India and some of their customs. So now onto FRANCE!!