Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Waterfall Hike

 Mike and I have set a goal to try and go out on an adventure with our kids after church. So far we've been somewhat successful.
This past week we took our kids to our traditional waterfall hike near our old house.

 Our kids of course enjoyed themselves.
 What I enjoyed the most was once we all got out of our truck they started down the trail themselves. Our little confident hikers knew this trail like the Disney channel schedule. So there were a few times where Mike or I had to call ahead for them to wait for us oldies.
 So with a backpack filled with lunches, 2 bottles of sunscreen and not a person in sight we stood at this waterfall for about 3 hours.

Mike was enjoying himself the most. There's usually a rock ledge where the water from the waterfall falls into creating a small pool that's maybe ankle deep. But with the weather and winter that ledge was gone. So my hubby took it upon himself to rebuild it. So rock by rock he built a small pool where you can soak in this cool water.
 Hailey and Lily were excited to try it out and they give it "2 smiles up!"
 Me- I relaxed. I found a soft spot to relax and just soaked up the sun and laughter. This was a perfect Sunday outing.