Wednesday, June 24, 2015

4 bunnies

Jack Sparrow died last month. He escaped our yard.... Again.... And landed on some garden tools and..... Didn't make it. 

Snow White and Eb knocked boots and she had 6 babies. 2 passed away. The remaining 4 I'm getting pretty protective over. 

This weekend Mike agreed to help me build a safer hutch so for now they are hanging out with me.

Each bunny has their own personality. One is always seeking cuddles or any sort of warmth. 
One is scared of everything. Noise, grass, touches... anything. It'll jump up and hop so fast. It's adorable!
One eats all the time. We call him Happy. Since he's happy to eat. 
And the last one explores everything, it often escapes it's box or the hutch. Another Jack Sparrow in the making.