Saturday, June 6, 2015

Family Search World Reunion

One of many benefits for working for the church is knowing about all the events ahead of time to ensure I make it.
So the Family History Library was throwing a party to celebrate family history.

 Unlikely connection but whatever works to encourage people to look into ancestry work.

There were Pacific Island dancers. Scottish Bagpipe players. Story Tellers. Games. Inflatables. And food trucks. Yummy!

The only time I allowed Lily to dance in the street. She loved it!

A few games where everyone is a winner. Our girls got tons of prizes from all the games.

My lovely Lily :) Her smile is so cute!

Another game to play.

 She won all these lei's which just made her day.

 Ducati following the Pacific Island dancers. She's giving her hula a try.
 Watch out! She's bustin' a move!
 Me and my girls enjoying some girl time while Mike is working.

During this party there were people walking around giving tips on how to work on genealogy. And conversing how we're all related if we look far enough.
 Oh and Ducati found some coloring pages. Not sure how she did this but she came back from talking to a senior missionary with a few coloring sheets.

So food trucks have evolved since the last time I ate off one. Ducati was waiting patiently for her $8 waffle from MatterHorn.
 Mike was able to join us during his lunch break. So everyone was happy to have Daddy time.

But Mike had to finish his shift so the girls and I continued exploring.
Which lead us to City Creek Disney store.
Lily and Ducati thought this place was Disneyland since there was so much magical stuff everywhere. They are showing me their princess poses.
So after explaining that this is just the store they were still excited to be there. Plus side was the store was having their Once Upon A SemiAnnual sale. So the girls found some real gems for super cheap.
After a long drive home which we all fell asleep while mike drove here's Ducati showing off all her treasures from the day.

It was so much fun spending time with these two lovely princesses.