Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happy Happening's

A quick overview of some happy happening's:

Our family went over to Mike's sister's house to celebrate our nieces 3rd birthday. She's so adorable! We may have spoiled her but c'mon... look how cute she is. Worth it!
My kids are adorable!

My sister-in-law made Lily and Ducati these Humpty Dumpty toys. They were suppose to be for Easter but like usually I forgot where I put them. But even a delayed gift is still fun. :)

Ducati made her's into a girl Humpty. Creativeness runs in our family :)

Lily and Ducati decorated the bush outside our house. They told me that they missed making snowmen so they made a "Tree-man" instead. I loved it! So I left him there for a few days but then it rained so everything needed to be taken down and washed. But Tree-man's memory will live on forever thanks to this blog.

Mike tried to teach Ducati how to ride her 2 wheeler. Not successful. But at least she gave it a try.
She has the ability; she just needs to get over her fear. In time :)
Since on-line school is over I'm giving myself a chance to make my own curriculum this summer. So instead of following what the online school says to teach I just gathered all my kiddos and give it a try. We did some geography (learning all 50 states). I found a fun song on youtube that I printed out so we can follow it along.

So far they know some states we just need to work on the locations of them. ( A fun little America puzzle has been helping them with their locations)
Lily showing the camera her states song. And Cati below listening to the song.....again.
Then we did a history lesson on the Titanic complete with each kids replica ship made from Lego's.

This might be a fun way to just gather everyone up and teach 1 lesson in history, science, art, etc. and just let them separate for Math and Language Arts. I have a few more weeks to decide if I want to do this sort of homeschooling or the step-by-step programs. Hummm..... decisions, decisions.