Thursday, June 4, 2015

D-Man's 1st Birthday

I love being an aunt!

On a more personal note I did not have aunt's growing up. Living in Utah I did not have an extended family so being an aunt is foreign to me. I literally have asked Mike and my sister-in-laws what sort of role do aunts play. They smiled then realized I wasn't joking. So after giving me a quick tutorial I embraced my version of what sort of aunt I want to be.

I am going to be the aunt that goes to everything I'm invited too.(Or within reason at least)

I am going to encourage my kids to love and grow their relationships with their cousins.
 Hailey has been attached to D-man since he was a baby. Every time she sees him she's wanting to hold him.

Mason chasing his little cousin. I'm not sure what he's playing but all I know is she loves playing chase with him. This warms my heart seeing my 13 year old playing with his 3 year old cousin.

I love seeing my kids playing with their "2nd cousins"???
Mike's sisters' husbands' sister's kids. Make sense. I don't know how family trees work; all I care about is that we're related and we're all cousins. 

So for my nephew's first birthday his momma and dad planned his party at the local splash pad/park. Great setting since there were tons of kids.
 My kids loved it here!
 So much that we are planning on going back really soon.
  Mason is such a great brother. Lily and Ducati were playing "Dinosaur Chase" with him. So basically Mason is a dinosaur and he chases them to try to eat them. Anyways 2 little girls seen how much fun my girls were having and asked if their big brother can chase them too. So Mason had his hands full trying to eat 4 little girls.
 Hailey enjoyed this twirling thingy before she went back to her little cousin.

Like I said.... she absolutely loves him.

Once everyone was needing a break the little birthday man his his smash cake. At first he had no idea what he was suppose to do.

But once he got a lick of frosting he knew exactly what to do and loved the fact that this cake was all for him.

But that didn't stop him. There was a plate next to his chair that had a small piece of cake on it. So instead of just being satisifed with his huge cake he had to have it all. So he stretched his little arm with his fork and grabbed that small piece and ate it!

My lovely sister in law apologized to me afterwards that I stood up and only got a small nap in before work.
I would have stood up all day and the next to see his little guy have the time of his little life.
Like I said I love being an aunt!

PS I love this picture of Daina and her boy. There's nothing she wouldn't do to ensure his happiness. Even if that means enduring fingers in the mouth just to hear him giggle.