Monday, June 15, 2015

Park Play

We love summer! The heat can be exhausting but it's a small price to pay for sun, sandals, and shaved ice. :)
So a goal I have for myself is to step up my mom-game. Instead of having tunnel vision while trying to get my to-do list accomplished I need to pencil in some play time to allow my kiddos to get out their wiggles. So we stopped at some random park near a store for a good 30-minute playtime. 

Mason forgets that he's too big on some playground equipment and gets stuck. But that doesn't stop him. After wiggling out he continued to play.

Hailey soaking up some sun. I think it really helps her soul.

I tried to sit under a tree to reanalyze my list but all I kept hearing was,
"Mom, Push!"
"Mom, Watch!"
 So I threw my list in my purse and joined in on the playtime.

 Ducati loves slides!
 I wonder how many slides would fit in my backyard???

 I love her freckles!

I tried to get a cute photo of all my kids semi-clean and while doing so someone farted so I got this pic of all of them going, "Ewww!" Better luck next time, right?