Sunday, May 31, 2015

Impromptu Lagoon Day

So Mike woke me up this morning and tells me that we're going to Lagoon!

I wasn't sure on this since it's Sunday and we both just finished a busy work week but after his adorable blue eyes looking at me and him telling me that he'd leave without me- haha.... he'd never. Or would he? I didn't want to chance it so I got dressed faster than he can walk out our bedroom door.

 As we drove to Lagoon Mike was reminding me that since we both work now our family time needs to happen when we have time. Plus with another busy work week ahead this will be the only time we'd be together so I'm glad he woke me up to this impromptu Lagoon Day.

 Ducati loved the carousal! Each horse she named and giddy-up'd the entire ride time.
 Trying something new. She wasn't a fan. She wanted to switch mid-ride back to a horse.

  Lily is giving her approval with her "I Love You" sign.

While Mike, Mason, Hailey and Lily went on a rollercoaster Ducati and I sat under a tree and had a drink. I packed myself a few Mt.Dew since I only had a couple of hours of sleep since I worked the night before. She asked for a drink so I let her have a small one.
 The face she gave me when I asked for it back
 The face I got when I asked for a drink.

Ducati told me she needed the energy to make sure she could ride all the rides.

 Mike, Mason, Hailey, and Lily after riding the Colossus. Lily was really excited since she's tall enough this year to ride all the rides. Big day for her! And, yes, Ducati photo bombed with her Mt.Dew.

 Yeah! They get to shoot eachother!

 Mike taking the taller ones on another crazy ride.
 Hailey showing Lily the ropes on how things are done at Lagoon.

And away they go!

After lunch Mike and I made the plan to split up so he can take the taller kids on all the roller coasters and I would take Ducati to the kiddieland rides. Then meet up in an hour. So little miss and me enjoyed some alone time.

This picture above is so adorable! While in line Ducati jumps up and down squealing with joy and tells me, "I love Boondocks!"

I laughed so hard. Then told her that this is Lagoon not Boondocks. She says to me, "Really?"...deep thought....."I love Lagoon!"

This is where I laugh even more :)

I don't know the kid upfront with Ducati. But since she was a single rider she told the ride operator she'd sit with other kids so this helped her cut the lines and get on more rides.

 She enjoyed herself so much. And I enjoyed watching her show her independence and confidence.

 While waiting for the ride operator to strap in other kiddos Ducati asked me what the handle was for. I said to move her dragon up and down.
Another deep thought.... then asked me, "Will fire come out it's mouth?"
I said no and she smiled and gave me a funny face.

This was such a fun hour! Just the 2 of us :)

 We're riding the magical spinning tea cups. I spinned the first time and she giggled/squealed the entire time.
 The next time we rode she spinned the tea cup. I kept telling her that she was spinning too fast. She tells me,"You know me. You know I like things fast!"  I absolutely love this girl so much
 Mason and me. He doesn't want to get splashed on some water octopus ride. Yeah right! I'm flying right into it son!

It was such a great day! I'm so happy that we spent this quality family time. We really needed it.
When we got home Lily and Ducati took their Lagoon maps, circled all the rides they went on, and then glued them onto some poster board. They never want to forget this day EVER!