Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sneaky Girl

I am notorious for being done with Christmas the day AFTER  Christmas. :)

So when I find amazing deals on items I will stock up and just hide it somewhere until it's needed. So being in our new house the space to hide items is limited. So I will hide gifts in my room under my side of the closet, in a box, wrapped it in something ugly like extra fabric and just leave it be.

This usually works but Ducati has increased her snooping skills and has become very sneaky.
Her latest find was this Elsa doll. She was just "looking" for something for me to wear when she seen something sparkle. Which lead to her finding it.

Which lead to about 20 minutes of her being really, really quiet so I went on the search for her. And I found her outside singing, "Let It Go", twirling with the Elsa doll. She looks at me and asks if she could have it. (Grrr!) 
Yes you can
"Thanks Mom. Let It Go!"