Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break

We love Spring Break. With all 4 kiddos at home we sure did have some adventures. 

We did alittle shopping with Grandma one day. 
Here's Ducati showing off her new clothes. All clothes must be spin approved and my guess these items passed the test.

We also had a picnic at the park

 frozen yogurt lunch dates

seen the movie, "The Croods" (<--- which was Mason's Easter date coupon), purchased new books and came home to read. (*sigh) I enjoyed that quiet time. 

And with such great weather our kids were bugging asking me to bring out their outside toys. 
But when looking through most things Mike and I noticed that our girls had a serious bike dilemma. Their bikes were either too small, broke, and dirty. So we had a small spring-break project

Here's Lily with her "new" (to her) bike. $8 from thrift store- can't beat that price. 

Mike took the training wheels off of Hailey's bike to put on Lily's bike.
That left Hailey to learning how to ride a 2 wheeler.
 It took her a matter of minutes to get going.
 Look at that smile. Nothing can beat the feeling of accomplishing a goal.

And Ducati- she had outgrown her big wheels trikes so we upgraded her to Lily's old bike. But with a major makeover.

From this....

To this....
 I love $4 spray paint.
 Ducati was so happy that she had a new bike that she kept singing to it.
 ♪ I love my bike It's so pretty.With decorations. I love my bike. ♪♪

I really enjoyed this break.We didn't do 1 single lesson while on break (except our 30 minutes of reading a day). It was nice to just kick back, laugh, and enjoy each other. :-)

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