Saturday, April 20, 2013

10 seconds

10 second go by so fast. 

That's it and whatever you did during that time is now in the past.
There's moments pass by too fast for me. I'm finding myself that I'm forgetting too many things. So I'm relying on the magic of photography to capture some of those moments for me.

 Lily just woke up from her Saturday nap. In our house post nap is the best cuddle time. Their still sleepy and want body warmth. Today Lily went right to Mike and just laid on him. I could tell by the smile in his eye that this melted his heart. She's forever a daddy's girl.
While driving in Mike's car I seen Ducati in the rear view mirror and absolutely fell in love her in this moment. She's wearing Mike's sunglasses which are way too big for her. With wind in her hair and her little fingers out the window. She's singing along to some hip hop song with her sweet voice. My baby girl looked so grown up. This moment existed for 10 seconds but left a lasting impression on my heart. ♥
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