Friday, April 19, 2013

Mason's Milestone

Mason is 11. That awkward stage where I've seen some kids start to feel unsure of themselves. Are they a young man/woman? Not quite a teenager but not really a kid. So Mike and I are starting that journey to help guide, teach, encourage, and direct Mason into manhood. We know he's going to mess up. C'mon he's 11! But at least he knows where his new expectation are at so he knows where he's reaching for. 
(this all came to us after conference... I still see him as a my baby boy sometimes)

So last week Mason got a job. He's now a newspaper delivery boy. 

Since the paper is a local neighborhood paper the wage pay is low. However the lesson of hard work, responsibility, and determination are way more valuable. 
Plus Mason loves it. Getting a job has always been something he's seen for men to do. Now having a job has shown him that he's no little boy anymore. :-)

And this milestone has really helped him find the courage to take on new things. 

Like learning to ride a bike. This has been something he's struggled with for a years now. Alot of people with autism find difficulty in learning to ride a bicycle. Something to do with 
brain + balancing = adaptive bicycles or no biking at all

But like I said Mason is a man now. So he kicked his fear out the door and Mike taught him in a manner of minutes how to ride a 2 wheeler. Now to go bike shopping :-)

Next was Mason's camping trip with the boys scouts. Mike had planned to go along to help...with whatever Mason might need. But a couple of days before the big trip Mason told me that he wants to go alone. ( My mom anxiety kicked in...he's my baby)  But I can't be a helicopter parent so he went it alone. I might have overdone it with the bug spray alittle; having him pack 2 bottles...just in case. Mason just smiled at me and said " I love you mom." 
While he was away on his trip every phone call I thought it was my baby boy calling. But it wasn't. And I was happy for him. He's taking control of his life which means I need to let go....alot! This by far has been the hardest thing I've had to do as a mom.

Even though Mason's growing into his own young man he's still my silly boy .
After all he's my kid :-)
To help keep my kids cups full I really love checking them out of school for a lunch date. Something about leaving school for lunch makes our time so much more... COOLER!
And it gives me a chance to talk with them 1-on-1. Something that can be hard since Mike is hardly ever being home and that leaves me with our 4 kiddos. These moments give me and them a chance to reconnect. I've learned alot during these quiet moments.
Well as quiet as it can be with these 2 still tagging along where I go:-)

I just want to record this moment. Mason is an amazing young man.  I am so proud of him. He's always smiling even though he has some temporal difficulties. But we've come to recognize that his autism is actually a blessing since he's not easily swayed. Once he knows something to be true he holds onto that truth forever. He's growing closer to his Heavenly Father. And it's amazing to witness these changed in him. I see his testimony growing. He's preparing and saving for his mission. He's preparing himself to be temple worthy.  I am very blessed that he's in my life. I love him so much. OK- enough with the mushy stuff- I'll just say it- Mason's awesome!
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