Friday, July 22, 2011


Mike's dad, Brent, and step-mom, Patty, came to Utah for a visit. And visits from them are always fun.
Moments like this I really kick myself for not charging my camera. So with 30 seconds of battery life I only grabbed this picture.
 Cati with Grandma Patty.
Cati was hiding and won't let Grandpa Brent hold her. But after about 30 minutes and an ice cream Ducati let down her guard and allowed Grandma to hold her. It was so adorable. But soon after this photo moment we had to leave. The kids desperately needed their naps and Mike needed to go to work.

But the next day (Friday) we spent more time with Mike's dad, Brent. Patty to go back home across the country. But even a small visit with her was a nice visit.

But back to Friday's family outing Grandpa Brent wanted to do something that all the little kids would enjoy we suggested The Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. Between our clan of 6, Mike's sister, Chrissy and her 2 girls, and Grandpa Brent-we all had a blast running around like a bunch of kids!

After a lunch break at McDonald's Mason and Hailey had to go for their weekend visitation. But that didn't end our fun family outing.

 Memory I can't forget: Lily stood at these pegs for about 10 minutes filling each board with peg sticks. It was so amusing to watch her become so obsessed with these pegs.
After a little while of playing we had to part for alittle while since we all needed naps. Playing on a kids energy level can poop out pretty much any adult. So Mike and us all went home to take a much needed nap.

Later in the evening we went out to eat with Grandpa Brent and all of Mike's siblings. It was so awesome to finally meet his sister, Angel, who he's never met. So the dinner was alittle  awkward at first but after a few minutes of warming up we all broke the ice. Especially Lily...Little Miss Firecracker!

She was dipping imaginary tortilla chips in salsa then feeding them to Grandpa, licking tortilla chips and giving them to Aunt Chrissy, drawing turkey hands and giving them to her cousins, and laughing so loud that everyone had a smile on their face.
We had such a great day spending time with family.  We really need to keep more in contact with Mike's dad's side of the family.
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