Thursday, July 14, 2011

Field Trip

I love being a part of the K12 family. Today the school held a summer party for all the K12 kids. I know it helps me keep the home"School Spirit" during these summer months.

Today's field trip was to the aquarium. It was crowded, hot, and small. But it was fun, exciting for our kids and FREE!  So we thought "What the hay?"

Everyone was so excited to see fishes. All we kept hearing was "It's Nemo, it's Nemo, it's Nemo!"

 .....or  "Swimming with the Jellies". Mostly my fault since I let them watch Finding Nemo before we went so Lily and Cati could get the feel of where and what we were going to do.
Our kids are so cute!

  After our school spirit activity we headed for some very much needed cold frosty's
But this concluded our field trip. Mike headed to work and I headed back home for nap time. My favorite time of day.

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