Saturday, July 30, 2011

Smurf-ing Fun

(let me see how many times I can say Smurf in the post :-)  )

Our kids have been smurfing excited to see this movie. So when Grandma Felicia offered to take us all to the movies we were so smurfed! So with a few days of planning we made this movie date into a special smurfing date.

After our kids did their chores I handed them each a special blue and white Smurf present. I used blue smurf ribbon to wrapped a  Smurf character coloring page with 1 package of white coconut M&M's and 1 package of blue pretzel M&M's inside of it. Got to stay true to the white and blue!

After everyone colored smurfed their pictures we headed to Grandma Felicia's mushroom shaped house where she and Papa made us a Smuring great brunch..... Blueberry Pancakes!
After we ate our delicious smurf food my parents had a small smurin' gift to for each kid. So it was time for some Smurf playtime!

 Mike doing this smurfing best to figure out this transformer car.

 Lily painted both her nails and Grandma's nail so they both looked like Smurfettes.

Side Note: I had one of those mom moments with Hailey that left me teary eyed. I know...I'm smurfing crazy. But as she was putting on her lip gloss and doing her hair I took that moment to talk with her about how she could show more of her inner beauty by only wearing alittle bit of make-up. I shared with her a few smurf beauty tips that I've picked up. I showed her how ladies will put their stuff on a counter so they can see everything and make a choice of which color or flavor to apply and how ladies will comb their hair both front and back so it's shaped nicely around their face. I was so sad to be having a talk with my 5 year old on how ladies can wear make up without looking like a Smurfing clown. But c'mon now she's 5 all her makeup consist of is 2 lip glosses, 2 chapsticks, a body spray and 2 scented nail polishes. But it was a real eye opener that she's growing up.....Smurfing great!

Enough with the heavy..... after everyone played for alittle bit we headed to the theater.
 Here's Grandma with her little Smurfs
 Our little Smurf. She's trying to get inside the train.....haha.... I smurfing love it!

I would give the movie about .....5 stars ***** only because of all the laughing we heard from our kids

I would have to give our kids..... 7 stars ******* for sitting nicely in their seats, only dropping half a bag of candy on Mom's lap, and losing only 1 sock. 

So all and all it was a Smurin great movie.

Afterwards Grandma treated us all to these Smurf ice cream cones. How clever! I bet the theater made a Smurf fortune off these. It's a cone, 2 scoops of blue raspberry ice cream, a shot of whip cream and a tiny teeny smurf size hat cone with a dot of whip cream on top. So cute and so expensive! 
 But that doesn't matter to me.... we had so much smurfing fun today. I love how with the help of my mom this ordinary movie date was made into a Smurf-ordinary movie outing!

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