Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Harry Potter FHE

I must have Harry Potter on my brain since I made a FHE based on Harry Potter. Mike said I am either crazy or brilliant on how I was able to connect the two. Either way it was a great Family Home Evening.

I said prayer, Hailey chose her favorite song "Book of Mormon stories", Mike read the scripture that I asked him to read.. Then it was my turn.

So how are Harry Potter and Jesus Christ comparable?

Mike read a scripture about reading and studying all the good books. So I talked about all the good books that will help us fight off evil. Harry, Ron, and Hermine read their spell books so when "He-who-shall-not-be-named" comes to fight they are prepared with the knowledge they have gained. So when Satan comes after us to fight against us we can rely on the knowledge we gained from our books....the scriptures. Mike continued to talk about how they went to class to learn their spells. And we go to our church classes to learn our scriptures. He compared how evil will always want to destroy the good but because of the preparation and faith that we have we can triumph. It's fun how gospel principals can be used in almost everything. But they got the point of it. That we read and study our scriptures so if the day evil comes after us we will be prepared.

So now to have some fun. We went out side to play some Quidditch!

Since we don't have the ability to fly we modified the game a bit.
2 Chasers: these players swept the ball to the goal zone
2 Keepers: these players protected the goal zone from the ball
2 seekers: these players seeked out the Golden Snitch (a golden wrapped truffle)

Team  Slytherin: Mike, Hailey, and Lily
Team Gryffindor: Me (Angie), Mason and Cati

Mason and Hailey were the chasers. It's alot harder than it looks to sweep a soccer ball to the goal zone.

 The seekers were Ducati and Lily. I threw a few golden Snitches into the grass so  they can seek them out. Cati was the first to find a Snitch.
 But since she was keeping with the movie she ate it....Just like Harry did on his 1st match. So the game had to continue until another was found.
 Lily and Cati were both looking for those Snitches.
 But then Lily found it and the game was over. Team Slytherin scored 2 points but then won with 152 points since the Snitch was found.

But that's OK. It was a fun game to play. Afterwards we went inside and had our closing prayer from Mason and Cati and Dad helped pass out the treat. Gummy Snakes! The Good will defeat the evil of the serpent.....

By eating them!

 Hailey was talking in parseltongue (snake language) to her gummy snake. OH NO- she must be the heir to Slytherin!

This was such a great evening. Everyone enjoyed themselves. We all learned a wonderful lesson and have a great time spending time together. We love family home evenings!
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