Saturday, July 9, 2011


I have a tendency to do housework on weekends since Mike is home to do all the heavy lifting but this Saturday we put aside our to-do lists and went to the Gateway to have some fun with our 2 tots.

First we went to the Discovery kids museum. I love having a pass here. When in doubt of what to do- we go to the museum! It never fails to bring fun times to our kids.

She's so fearless. She has 2 skid knees and she still climbs on everything. This is why I pack 2 first aid kits in our diaper bag.
 The new exhibit on making billboard games life size. Honestly it's really lame. But Mike and I put on our most enthusiastic faces so our girls just followed our lead and got excited about this exhibit.


 Lily's such a cowgirl!  "Wee-ha!"

Ducati- she's at such a fun age. Why can't kids stay this age forever? She loves pushing everything over
 Asking everyone for a  High-5

 and reading. I love that she always has a book in her hand.

 But I am so glad that she loves shopping. She's my future Couponer of this family.

Afterwards we went to the fountains and enjoyed cooling off. Lily wasn't much of a fan of the high pressure water so I offered to hold her while we ran through the water. She enjoyed herself  much more since I was hold her.
(everyone all wet)

On our drive home our little ones feel asleep....Thank Mike and I took those minutes to talk. But when they woke up they had so much energy. Sort of like a battery recharge. So to make dinner alittle more exciting Mike put up the tent in our backyard. I grabbed some hot dogs and s'more makings and enjoyed a fire pit dinner. I love not having to do dishes after dinner. This finally tired our girls out that they were asking to go to bed. Such a great day! Much better than doing housework.
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