Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back to Basics

Lately we've taken a step back to simpler times....Honestly....back to basics....So today Mike, Lily, Ducati and myself went outside to chalk art our patio landing..

Lily just wanted to eat the chalk and take photos... so of course I took some pictures of our little girl. I love her wrinkle smile.

But Mike was really getting into his artwork....

Until Lily walked through it....but she invented chalk pants.... just wait-they'll catch on!

Ducati was having so much fun with the art.... these are tears of joy

here's a cute picture of Lily...

But after chalking Mike thought it would be fun to do some throwing.... of Lily

She loved it..... but I love this photo more (below)This is what we're talking about....sometimes we can get caught up in the hostile of the latest video game or movie and forget to make these classic memories with our kids. So we're kickin' it old school.

Here's our final art piece.

Not bad, huh? We're original Van Gogh....more like Van Lassig's.
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