Friday, February 26, 2010


We went for a family fun day 3 weeks ago but I'm just posting it now. Sorry alot has happened with our family since 1/ 24. But here's our photos from that day....
First we went's our thing. Hailey needed alittle help centering her first strike! We're so proud...who knows maybe she can grow up to be the first pro-bowler who marries a vampire boy in the temple
Even lily had a few turns. But of course Dad kicked all our butts!

But Mason didn't play. We're teaching him about free agency and making choices=consequences. He made some choices that led him to sitting it out. But he's getting better at making better choices.Then we had alittle snack....and went to play some games. This family is slowly becoming a gamer family....Let's kill some spiders!!!!

She's some a great hook shot.....

The best thing was the prizes. Hailey got a shiny ringand my choice was the greatest discipline invention ever made......Chinese Finger Traps!!!
It took Mason about 25-30 minutes to figure out how to get his fingers out. Now I keep it in my diaper bag and if someone has a hard time keeping their hands to themselves I pull it out. It was a great day at Boondocks!!!!
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