Friday, February 12, 2010

2 months old

Ducati is now 2 months old. She is growing so much. I took her to her check up and here's her latest status:
she weighs:10 lbs 14 oz
lenght: 22 inches long

she's discovered how to smile as you can see. She also found her fingers. So she sucks on them whenever a binky is not to be found. I'm still nursing her so the greatest news is that she has acid reflex. A little confused on why it's great? Well for the past month all Ducati would do is cry...and cry...and cry...and cry. We thought she was colicky so we gave her gripe water and that helped but not enough. Then we rocked her, held her, sang to her, burped her, changed her, we did just about everything and to be honest we felt like failures. Self pity moment.

But when I took her to her appointment the doctor noticed how fussy she was. And asked me about it. I explained...she checked her out and diagnosed her with acid reflex. So Ducati now takes some medicines a few times a day but....WOW what a difference. She is so happy now. All she does is make squeaky noises and smile. We're loving it.
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