Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Zoo Day

Today was free zoo day at Hogle Zoo. So of course we went. The weather wasn't the best but oh well.... it was surely an adventure. This was Ducati's first zoo trip and just like Lily-she slept thru it.
Mason had an assignment on 10 different animals so he stayed focus on that. But we think he enjoyed the change.We seen some awesome animals and took some even more awesome pics....

Lily was loving this squirrel thing that kept running up to the window glass

Hailey's so cute....

But take a look at Lily while visiting the baby elephant....Here's Suriand here's Lily......She was so busted trying to climb into the elephant park... But then our little sugar girl turned to all spice with this BIG tantrumMike and I couldn't help but laugh....

But we took it as a cue to start heading home but not without our first attempt at taking a family photo.

We think when it's only 2 crying out of the 6 of us-it's a good photo.

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