Monday, March 1, 2010

Batter up!

We are not only a bowling family but a baseball family. So after lunch we headed to the baseball diamond by our house. We were all excited.
Since we didn't have enough players to play a real game (we need more kids) we just all rotated turns batting, pitching and catching. It was fun though. Here's Hailey's turn to bat...she hit the ball on the first try. Wonder why?Sour Sport. Had to sit out his turn for pushing the other players.
We want a pitcher not a belly itcher!

But she has a pretty good pitch. See the ball in mid-air. Great picture Mike.

After I hit the ball Hailey caught it and chased after me to tag me out. Me-being the o'so kind mother ran around the base and that's when she tagged me out.

Here's Lily cheering for us......She was a great cheerleader. She laughed when w

e missed the ball and clapped when we got a point.

But here's Mason getting his home run...Hailey's such a base hog.

Lily really wanted to play...but maybe when she grows a few more inches.

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