Friday, April 8, 2016

Temple Square with Lily and Ducati

Today was so busy. The day before Mike's Team BBQ. And the only day of the week I get the car. So I was running errands all day long. Picking up my store orders, going to the store for ice then forgetting it since I got side tracked with a different deal, going to the post office, blah, blah, blah. I was stressed. But then again I was too busy to be stressed so I grabbed an energy drink and completed what I could. 

After dropping off Mason and Hailey I had 90 minutes before I needed to pick up Mike from work. So instead of heading to Smith's I felt I needed to to go Temple Square and take in all those spring colors. Lily and Ducati were so happy to take a break from the running around. 

They were so happy to see all the flowers in bloom. 

It was a constant, "Mom take a picture of me with this flower." 

The temple square gardens are a place I take my girls to all the time and this was the first time this year we've been. Shame on me! 

A trip to temple square isn't complete without seeing the BIG JESUS (Christus statue) then running down the ramp like a roadrunner. 

After a quick potty break we came out and see this picture without a plaque. But that didn't stop Lily. She told Cati and I the whole story of Jesus' resurrection. But no bible story is complete without a few thy, thee, and thou's being inserted in random places. 
I was so (and still am) to know that every though she looks like she's not listening during scripture study she really is listening. Victory!

We only had a few more minutes before we had to meet Mike and continue our crazy errands. Ducati wanted to see the videos about the warriors who burned their weapons during the time of war. She loves that story and the story about the son had faith because their mother's taught them. 

But soon our visit had to end. Of course not without begging and bugging me to bring them back. I couldn't just say, Yes we'll come back. I had to give them a date on which day. So we agreed the following week after our field trip we'll come back and see the gardens again. 

I'm thankful that they love Temple Square as much as I do. 

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