Thursday, April 28, 2016

St. George in 1 Day

On our way to Las Vegas we spent the night in St. George.
 We could have made the drive all the way through since it's only 6 hours but we were all so excited that Mike got an extra day off of work so instead of waiting at home we booked a room in southern Utah and started our vacation early.

Mike is such a joker. I was making our kids a cup of noodles and when I turned around he tells me, "Look I'm finished!"
I posted this photo on Instagram and some people actually thought he drew mural in 4 minutes. No! He did not. He is still mastering the skills of stick figured people.

There is so much to do in St. George. But since it was raining about 80% of the things we wanted to do had to be canceled since we shouldn't be hiking in the rain.

But we still found the good. This is like our new life motto.

 After we checked out of our motel we started our adventures.
We went to  Twenty Five Main.

On our honeymoon Mike and I were wandering St. George and found this shop. We had no idea what they sold but with a long line out the door; it must be good. So we waited then paid the $2 per cupcake cost and experience the most delicious cake we've ever eaten. But since we didn't know the name or even where this shop was we we're expecting to go there again. But while we were heading out in the morning I mentioned how wonderful it would be if we found that cupcake shop. 
Then Mike takes a turn and VIOLA! There it is! 
 Our kids really wanted to taste the honeymoon cupcakes Mike and I talk about all the time. So we paid the $2.25 per cupcake cost and warned everyone to eat slow!  

Our kids finally believed us that these cupcakes were the best ever! 
(their cupcakes didn't last very long but that at least have that memory)

 Saint George Tabernacle

We took the tour of this beautiful and amazing historic site.
The missionary looked at our kids (as most adults do) and asked why we weren't in school. My kids always reply that we're homeschooling and this is their school.
I smiled then reminded everyone to pay attention since I'll quiz them later on the facts we learned.

 Everything in this tabernacle is made of pine. That was all that was available for the pioneers. So they wood grained it all to look like granite, marble, and cherry/red wood.

 Such beautiful lighting that my camera kept getting glares. But I don't care. It's to pretty to get mad at.

 Lily by the spiral stairwell Mitt Romney's grandfather built.

 the seats from the Salt Lake City Temple that we removed when it was remodeled.

  Star seats are 2 inches wider for those of us with a bigger booty.

 view of the podium

 Pipes to the organ are behind these decorative pipes. You can sort of see them in the background.

 Ducati is pretending to be old. I guess that's what old people look like. I never noticed.

 Lily and Hailey taking turns giving speeches.

 Each LDS president (except Joseph Smith) has given a speech at this podium. That is so amazing!!!!

 The grape decorations were made of plaster then painted. So nothing fancy but made to be fancy. The ultimate frugal home decor tip.

 The all seeing eye. Something the early saints really liked to they painted it often.

 Outside the Tabernacle

My adorable family!

We found something unusual. The date of completion for the tabernacle was 1875. The missionary who gave us the tour also said the date was 1875. The all-seeing eye plaque inside shows the year. But the outside says 1871. Wonder why?

Ducati being art. There's statues everywhere that people can buy. So she was the best price for me- FREE!

Brigham Young's Winter Home

This home is beautiful! And for a man who had around 40 wives he only took 1 with him to this home. So maybe that's why it's so small. Whatever! :)

Another mantel made of pine wood to look like stone. They were so resourceful.

B. Young's desk that he made himself. He was enjoyed building things with his hands something I can relate too. Mike is always building things too.

Our kids liked the tub/sink/washing machine metal bowl. They thought that was interesting. As well as the waffle iron since we had waffles in the morning.
 Replica of his bed. My kids loved the double sided quilt. But I loved his praying bedside stool. That's such a great idea!

Mike really liked this picture that hung by Brigham's stairwell. It shows Brigham when he was so young. It has the First Presidency and his 12 Apostles. Look how young they were!

 Mason being a goof!

 We noticed this tree outside that was given surgery to try to save. I forgot to ask why or the history of this tree.

 Mike wondering into this white little house. I don't know what this place is but we took a look and got out since it was suppose to be closed. It looked like a meeting house with long benches and a table. But I'm not really sure.  Next visit I'll have to ask.

 side of house

 in front of house


On our way to our next spot Mike and I needed a caffeine boost so we stopped at Swig for some sodas. Exactly what we needed.
This sign hung at Swig and we laughed so much. Mike had to take a picture of it so we could remember this odd sign. 

Next was St. George Temple.
We went to the 2 visitors centers and learned all we could.
We learned that the temple is made of gypsum which gives it it's bright shine.

And every year the temple is power washed so keep it shining. And every 3 years it's repainted. When we came it's was freshly painted 3 weeks earlier so this temple was so bright in the sun we could hardly look straight at it without blinded. We were really blinded by the light... of God!

Coloring and learning on the touch screens.
This temple is so pretty. It really does look like a castle.

I love this picture. The Book of Mormon is printed in 89 different languages. I have 13 different languages already but my goal is to have all 89! It's so amazing how the words of God can be shared in every language. 

Cati and the Saint George Christus. 

This Christus looks so much happier then the one in Salt Lake City. This is how I imagine Jesus when he sees me again. Smiling and ready to hug me home.

Sweet missionary took our family photo into of this statue. Looks like Jesus is trying to grab us.

Then we went outside and walked the temple grounds.

Two of my favorite things: Temple and Palm Trees. I need to move to St. George now.

Mason also likes palm trees. 

Lily wanting me to take her photo. 

My cute kids getting blinded by the brightness. Small sacrifice for sitting on holy places. 

Strike a pose!

"Mom one more picture!"

I wish my camera could have found her face but it kept adjusting for the brightness. I'm not joking or exaggerating. This temple was super white!!!
But Cati was on top of the chair dancing and boxing. She must have watched Rocky with us and seen this.

Now Lily and Cati are trying to get inside. Breaking into holy places; that still counts as a good thing right?

This girl is a cutie. IF only she'd like me do her hair. I love playing with her long soft locks.

See what I mean about being bright. Look at Lily's eyes. She tried her hardest to keep them open. Lol!

Then Hailey let Lily use her hat so she could take a photo with "HER'' temple.

After walking around I wanted one last picture. So when I tell my kids to be cute this is what I get. Crazy cuteness! My absolute favorite.
They are not ones to pose pretty and stay clean. They live life in fast motion. They walk, run, and get dirty! They don't hold still when I adjust my camera. I either snap and hope for the best. Or catch what I can. Them living life.... with me.

After this we picked up some tacos and started driving again. We can't wait to plan another trip down south so we can do all the outdoors activities we wanted to do but couldn't due to rain.
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