Monday, April 18, 2016


This month's country was France.

I've noticed that Little Passports did not provide as much information for this month than other months so I went seeking on Pinterest. And this is where things got frustrating. People posted random things with the words "french" attached to it. Like "French sushi", "french ice cream sundaes",etc so instead I asked my facebook friends for help. Our friend list consist of world travelers, military, return missionaries, or people who grew up in different cultures so they knew first hand the things I wanted to know. And WOW people delivered. They all helped out so much my kids said this was the best country they have learned. So from now on I will be asking my fb friend.

This month we:

-Made Eiffel Towers and listened to the history while we cut.
-Studied and made our own  France flags 

-Looked at the photos in the Little Passport camera.

-learned the song Frere Jacques

- quick lesson condensed down of the French Revolution

-lunch with Orangina (orange soda), Boursin cheese and baguette.

They were not fans of the cheese. But at least they tried it. 

 -Vincent VanGogh. We watched some youtube vidoes about him and then did a coloring porject of his famous Sunflowers.

-Edgar Degas. Read a book, watched a youtube video, then made napkin ballerinas.

- Chicken Cordon Bleu dinner with french bread dinner. They liked this much better than the cheese and baguette. 

 -Learned about the holiday Ephiphany

-Had Galette de Roi (Kings Cake) and pan au chocolate (chocolate crossiants) Both were a hit and miss. Some people liked one or the other but no one just liked one so these recipes will not be added to my cook book.

-Claude Monet. Watched a video, read some books, then made our own watercolor creation.

- Louvere and it's history
- watched the happenings by the Eiffel Tower via a webcam

-listened to primary songs in french

-watched Les Miserable. I know it has no historical facts about France but there are notes about the french revolution, the people, landmarks, and just because it's my favorite movie I wanted to find  a way to include it somehow.

- we made a large collage Van Gogh sunflowers piece that covers my closets door. It looks so much prettier now than that plain white. 
 Yes we're missing one piece. But even masterpieces fall victim to war sometimes.

- for our final project I ordered some canvas and paints and had each kiddo paint a portrait in their favorite style. Now I have no art work in my home. 

 I have Lily's rendition of Monet's "waterlilies". Fun story she was very close to being named Water Lily. Mike really wanted it to be and I wanted her to be named Tiger Lily. Since we couldn't decide we just stuck with Lily.

And Hailey's rainbow with Monet's style of water colors. 

 Mason's Degas style with charcoal sketching then painting.

And Ducati's Angel. She was doing something else but she's a perfectionist and didn't like it so she painted over it. So now it's Van Gogh style looking Angel. It's fine; she's 6! 

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