Friday, April 8, 2016

Compassion Experience

There are things in this world my kids will never experience themselves. But that doesn't mean I don't want my kids to know the reality of them.
I've read of the Compassion Experience last year and sadly it slipped my mind. So my kids and I never went to it. But thankfully this year I got an email telling me that this charity event was coming to Utah again and I know I wanted my kids to experience it.

The Compassion Experience is a tent in the middle of a church school parking lot. Nothing special on the outside but it's whats in the inside that counts. 

When we walk inside a volunteer greets you, helps you set up with their ipods, and directs you through the tent. There's lots of doors and stairs inside, each directing you to a different place. 

Our first tour was about a girl named, Yannely, in the Dominican Republic. 

She shares her story of living a "shack" and eating very little. Making dolls out of mud. The home she lives in with her mom leaks when it rains. To physically see a replica of her home really humbled everyone. 

When each room has an audio recording that Yannely talks about her story. 
She talks about her difficulty not being wanted by her father. In the D. R. children can not graduate from school if they do not have their fathers last name. This broke my heart since I understand the whole father thing. 
Yannely tried to visit her father so he would sign the proper paperwork but he would hide behind a door and ignore her knocks. 

The Compassion Experience is about people sponsoring children who live in poverty. So Yannely signed up through Compassion and was sponsored. We got to see the replica of the school she went to, how she furthered her education, the room where she lived in, how she became a doctor and how Compassion taught her mother skills as well so she could start her own weaving business.

What really humbles and touched my heart was hearing how Yannely wanted to be a doctor to those less fortunate than her. Really? She lived in a shack with mud dolls and she wanted to help those who had less than her. ♥

The next tour was about Sameson. His father left him when his mom was pregnant with him. And being so poor his mom left him too. So he lived with is aunt and uncle who had 3 kids themselves. He talked about looking out their home and wondering if any of these men were his father. Dang it! I was now crying. 

But Sameson spoke about being hungry all the time. How his family resented him since he was taking up the already scared food. We seen how Sameson's family cooked their meals. So Cati gave it a try and said it looks hard and the food doesn't look too yummy. 

Then how his aunt heard about the Compassion International and after pleading with her for 2 years she finally signed him up. He was soon sponsored. 

We seen the replica of his school with the green chalk boards, discarded school desk kids here in america won't use, and I teared up again seeing the toothbrush holder on the wall. These kids came to this school so they would receive the education they needed, the food their bodies needed, and the health services they never had. 

Through Sameson's sponsor he gained the self esteem he lacked as a young child. He wanted to become a writer but was declined to further his education since his marks weren't up to par. But had the confidence that God has a better plan for him. 

He soon was given the opportunity to turn his hobby of woodworking into a career. 
These are actual pictures of him and his wife and his carvings.

We all listened how his life has changed so much. He thanked the sponsor, Compassion, and God for changing his life for him and his family. 


After the tour the volunteers show you kids who are waiting to be sponsored. We declined but this experience still coming back to my mind. However I didn't want these feeling to fade so or family are finding ways in our local community to help.

My kids and I loved this experience. They talked about how thankful they are to have a nice bed, books, and food. And how they love their toys. But that didn't stop my kids from trying to make mud dolls. For me I learned so much more than that. My heart was truly touched. If this comes through your town, visit. You won't regret it.

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