Friday, April 8, 2016

Mother's Day Activity

Activity Day's for Hailey was all about "Loving Yourself"/ Mother's Day. The girls' leaders had each mother record how/why their daughters are beautiful. I talked about how amazingly loyal Hailey is. Time or Distance can never take away her loyalty to you. This is something I absolutely admire about her. And I spoke about her strong testimony in Heavenly Father. There are times where Mike and I have prayed for guidance on behalf of her, like homeschooling her, and she didn't get an answer in her prayers. But she trust God to lead Mike and I that she went along with it. This amazes me since I'm one that needs personal validation on life changes. She trust me and Mike to know what to do for her. 

Anyways on the day of her activity Mike and Mason were working late so I took along Lily and Cati. One of her leaders didn't like this but of course Hailey reminded me that this is a mother/daughter activity so it was perfectly ok to have all my daughters with us. See! She's such a gem!

The decorations were pretty, pink, floral, and chabby chic. All things Pinterest would have loved. 

Me with my sweet Hailey. I'm so happy she looks just like me. 

Lily reminding herself that behaving properly means donuts afterwards. 

My shy Cati. 

There was a table behind us where each girl showcased a few of their talents/hobbies/interest/skills. My Hailey showcased her love of cooking with a cookbook, sports with her soccer ball, reading with a book,  and art/crafts with a craft she made during activity days. 
But it was really cute how the leaders took the words their mothers said and made this Name-Art photos. 
 (this was not the frame the leaders put her name art into. But Lily and Cati accidentally broke it while Hailey was at her dad's house so they fixed it buy putting the name into a different frame)

Video recording was shown to all the daughters. Hailey and I held hands while we watched the video. She liked it a lot. 

And there was a craft that the mothers and daughter made. 

 Actually I didn't touch this craft. I'm all about support and having my kids figure things out themselves. After the leaders explained how to make these magnet boards, Hailey, grabbed all the things she needed and went to work. I sat beside her giving her words of encouragement and praise. She did a great job!

Afterwards there was cake and drinks for everyone! Yummy!

Here are my girls when I said to smile. Silly Lily never lets me down.

Now when I remind them I would like a nice photo. 

 The evening was amazing. And it had nothing to do with the activity. Yet again Hailey taught me something that only she could teach me.

While making the craft one of her leaders walked around making sure everything was perfect. Yes she's a perfectionist. And that's OK but then she rips Hailey's paper off her board and tells her to do it "like this". 
My jaw dropped! 
Hailey takes my hand, smiles, and tells me it's ok. I was going to go ape on this lady! How dare you tell my daughter to love yourself the way she is; then to do this because the paper isn't perfect. But being her kind self Hailey allowed the leader to "do it" her way. 
After the event Hailey tells me that this leader is always like this. That everything has to BE perfect. But how she's thankful that Mike and I have taught her to love everyone the way they are. And instead of getting annoyed with her leader she shows her extra love. ♥
Hailey tells me that she loves herself just the way she is because she knows God made her this way. And God does not make mistakes. So she IS perfect. 

I fought back my tears and sent up a prayer of thanks.

Being a mother is hard. There's so much to do, teach, watch, experience, hold, listen, scrub, remember, etc that I get burnt out. There's time I need time outs. Haha- last week I was so burnt out that I got into our car (even though we had friend over), picked up a smoothie, and just drove around listening to music. It's so nice to listen to entire song without hearing "Mom" coming from the backseat.
But being a mom in my opinion is doing my best every day. It's constantly informing my kids that I have no idea what to do in certain situations so I need their help making a plan. It's praying to God for my kids every day that he will fill in all those holes I made or left throughout the day. And moments like this, with Hailey, showing me that God really is helping Mike and I out. That this parenting is truly a 3 way partnership.

Man, I love Hailey! And it's amazing to know that she loves me too.
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