Monday, May 5, 2014

Medieval Fair

This is one of my many reasons why I love homeschooling.  I seen on-line that there was going to be a medieval fair in a couple of week at Thanksgiving Point so for those 2 weeks we focused all our attention on kings, courts, knighthood, etc so we can have a field trip to this fair.

So when we woke up that morning the weather said a 30% chance of rain so we just brushed that percentage off and went anyways. C'mon we have studied for 2 weeks leading up to his moment. So we packed up our wagon, warm coats and said a prayer that the weather will be well.

When we first got there we were able to get inside the fair using the homeschool price. Half off!!! Sweet! :)
There was a tight schedule here. Sword fights in one area, juggling and jousting in another area, story telling, music playing, magic sorcerer shows, etc. So we went everywhere.... even though that 30% chance of rain turned into 100% rain plus snow!
 When Lily seen this pirate ship we all had to stop for 20 minutes for her to play on it.

Mason challenged a giant! Poor 6 foot tall teenager. He had no way of knowing that my son would kill him during their fight
 And Mason loved every minute of this tournament to the death. See his smile for proof :)
 Distract & Destroy!
 Mason enjoying his victory into knighthood.
  Mike finally found his throne. Even snow couldn't get him off his royal seat.
 But the storm started to get to us so we decided to wait it out.... we really didn't want to leave. So we took shelter under a pavilion and enjoyed some hot chocolate.

Finally getting warm again :)
 We were deciding if we wanted to leave or not since the snow/rain slush wasn't letting up. But then a fire breather took pity on us and gave us our own private showing. That was really awesome!
Even though our trip was cut short due to weather we all had an amazing time. Our kids got to see their lessons come to life and see everything we have been studying. Mike and I got to see our kids light up with joy..... I can just gush on and on from why I love homeschooling.
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