Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Moments :)

To catch up faster I'm just going to combine this post. These are some of our happy moments that we had last year. They are out of order but still very important. :)

 I finally got my hair to be curly without being like an Afro. This didn't last long so every minute was lovely.
 Mike got transferred to a different position. He's lead of projects carpet cleaning. He's now charge of cleaning various church building. He absolutely loves it!
 Caught Lily and Ducati being nice to each other.
 This is the way Mike gets around. :)

 Lily learned to read. Very important day for her ♥
 Important and special moment... Lily smiled at me. Melt my heart♥
 Ducati enjoying some fall leaves.
 While singing, " I want Fabulous!" (high school musical)
 Date night! We've actually been on several dates but this one was really special. Our friends invited a bunch of people to their movie screening of Resistance Movement. At this screening a friend and survivor of the Holocaust spoke along with Gov. Herbert. It was just an amazing night.
 I woke up to Lily and Ducati enjoying the rain.
 Lily's tithing slip. " Give 10 to the prophet" is what it says.
 Enjoying Uncle Peter's backyard slide.

 And his amazing garden. It's a slice of paradise.
 A hike/ field trip to President Kimball's grave. This was a special moment for all of us.
 Going to homeschool group events
 where our kids made lots of friends.
Falling in love with how hilarious and goofy my kids are.
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