Monday, May 5, 2014

Christmas Service Projects

During the Christmas season Mike and I try our best to teach our kids the true Christmas spirit. So we do end up doing so many acts of service so 1) our kids can feel the spirit and 2) they aren't distracted with all the material things.

So besides our cookie making for neighbors, secret santa gifts, homeless shelter donations we wanted to try something new. 
So this year I contacted Salvation Army about bell ringing. So as a family we went bell ringing for 4 hours. To pass the time we sang Christmas carols and had a contest on who could say, "Merry Christmas", to people waking by first.
 I do have to say that taking along 4 cute kids does help with people's donations. I guess the cuteness warms their hearts even more so instead of $1 bills they are dropping in $20 bills.
 Our second big service project we did was collect food for the Bountiful Food Pantry.
 We wanted to show our kids how blessed we are to have our own pantry filled with foods. So I posted a note on my facebook page to all our neighbors that we were going to be coming around in a few days so to be ready for us. So on the big day we walked around our neighborhood for 4 hours and collected over 240lbs of food. That's amazing!!!
Our kids were smiling ear to ear when we went to the food pantry to drop this off. They were so proud of themselves and honestly Mike and I are even more proud of them.

And... if you haven't noticed Lily is such a photo bomber :) ♥
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