Monday, May 5, 2014

Gotham Halloween 2013

For Halloween our family finally agreed on something that we can all be together. The last time this happened was when we were the Detroit Lions team. So this took a lot more creative and more work than I had thought but the outcome was amazing.
We have the evil Poison Ivy
 The brave Bat Girl

 Amazing Robin

And iconic Batman

 King of Villains, Two Face
  And hero in disguise, Cat Woman.

Before we went trick-or-treating we did some fun comic photos in the backyard.

 Then we went to our local senior assisted living center. I seen a sign out front that they hold a trick-or-treating activity for the local kids so we thought it would be fun. Our kids were so happy to have gone there.

 It turns out to help the seniors still enjoy the holidays they hold these types of activities. So outside each room a senior had a huge bowl of candy to pass out.
 Our kids absolutely loved this! They kept telling us that they want to come back again next year. (Me too)
 After the candy collecting everyone was invited to the cafeteria for drinks and treats.
  Of course we were there :)

Then later that evening I took our girls out trick or treating.

Mike had to work so Mason stood home to pass out candy. He only agreed to do this if he got a cut of the collected candy. So everyone agreed... hustler!

This was such a great Halloween. For Halloween 2014 Mike is staking claim to Star Wars theme. We'll see....

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