Monday, May 5, 2014

BYU Museum of Art

My dream as a mom is to instill the love of the arts into my children so yes I am one of those parents that take their kids to gallery openings. So when I heard that the BYU Museum of Art  opened their new exhibit, Sacred Gifts, I booked tickets ASAP! 

 But of course we needed to see the new Provo City Center Temple. Even though it's under construction it was still breathtaking to see.

 When we pulled up to the museum the parking lot was completely packed. (Side note: our kids were the only kids there.) Good thing we arrived 45 minutes early. We checked our coats in, did potty breaks, rented our iPad's for all those fun facts that the little art plaques can't hold and had ourselves an amazing time.

We were actually told by a random person that our kids were very well behaved. They have seen at museum and act "like children" (duh! they are kids) but she was happy to share this experience with our kids. Thanks! I'll take that compliment.

 Anyways when people exit the art showing there is a table with cards for the patrons to write a thank you note to the person or museum that loaned the BYU museum the art work. So each kiddo picked their favorite (which was harder than they thought. How can you just pick one?) and wrote their thank you notes.
  I was only able to take these few pictures since there was security everywhere and signs saying,"No photography". So I had to be extra sneaky to even get these pics. But the art work was amazing. Some pieces actually brought the spirit to our hearts. Our kids loved it that we talked about it for the next hour on our way home.
I love it when I can share my passions with my kids.
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