Monday, January 14, 2013


Last week while I was out and about I seen a sign by SubZero that they were going to be on Shark Tank. So I was intrigued mostly since I had no idea what SubZero was. So when I tuned in to the show after about 5 minutes no sharks wanted in so they left empty handed. :-( 
BUT  I doubt they really left empty handed. This ice cream place had been popping ever since that show. 

So for FHE we went to SubZero. 
 Not sure what it is then here's a quick run down. You pick your size of ice cream, the base ( milk, almond milk, soy milk, custard, etc), the flavor ( about 50 different kinds), and a topping ( about 20 different kinds) and the little gals mix it then freeze it.
 With liquid nitrogen! So AWESOME!!!! Our kids loved it! They kept sticking fingers under the glass to feel the nitrogen. It's so neat to watch. It's like a mini science experiment. :-)

 So from beginning to end it took about 30 seconds for each person to get their custom made ice cream. I was so impressed with this place. They made our gluten free first with all new supplies to ensure no cross contamination. Plus I've never been to a place where I could get an almond milk, agave, and fresh berries. Yummy!
And yes- it's kid approved! Our kids loved that they could add marshmallows, gummi bears, bubble gum...whatever to their ice cream. This place made our favorite family list. Here's the link so you can check them out Subzero.
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